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I read Silent Spring in an undergraduate seminar with Professor Ono at Ritsumeikan University. We read the Japanese translation version. The original book in English was published in 1962.

I watched Black Waters in 2021. The documentary movie was released in 2019.

Since I started walking to campus, I have had more time for podcasts.

Two from The Daily:

  • April 17th, Are 'Forever Chemicals' a Forever Problem?

  • April 22nd, The Evolving Danger of the New Bird Flu

Now is 2024.

The data collection for my dissertation was just finalized!

It is my data. I designed the questionnaire from 0 to a total of 138 question items with the help and support from my advisor and committee members; I revised it countless times and worked closely with IRB reviewers; I had my friends and colleagues who helped test it; I negotiated with the sales representative; I worked with the project manager on quota, attention manipulation, bot participants, duplicates, etc. from the soft launch to the official launch.

It is my data, and this means a lot to me.

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